Welcome to Frederick Foot and Ankle

We deal with quality assessment of the various foot and ankle injuries and administering the most appropriate medication and treatment. Our institution composes of top-notch medical professionals who will always handle your case with absolute diligence and expertise.

Whenever an injury fails to respond to the “conservative” health management procedures, foot surgery tends to intervene as the next solution. One situation that may attract surgical intervention is when internal pains persist or whenever there is a deformity that affects daily functional movements.

Surgery is only recommended after exhausting conservative treatments and it is always the patient’s option. The doctor will always explain the process of the surgery, if suggested.


At Frederick Foot and Ankle, our role remains paramount as we engage in qualitative treatment procedures to ensure you get to walk again as soon as possible. Among our diagnoses are: PLANTAR FASCIITIS SURGERY, FLAT FOOT SURGERY, Morton’s neuroma surgery, FLAT FEET SURGERY, and more. Of all these, herein are the essential most foot surgeries we offer.

  • BUNION SURGERY: We conduct multiple bunion surgeries using various techniques, and depending on the severity level of the injury
  • TENDON SURGERY: It purposes either the lengthening or the shortening of the tendons. Tendon tears or ruptures may provoke this procedure.
  • FRACTURES: Bone breakage and joint dislocation may cause fractures which are mostly medically addressed via surgery. The surgery may involve the insertion of foreign objects such as screws to help support the foot.
  • FUSIONS: It applies to arthritic treatment or any other foot and ankle painful deformities
  • HAMMER TOE SURGERY: This process involves removing or fusion of the toe bones for purposes of alignment.
  • HEEL SPUR SURGERY AND PLANTAR FASCIA: These are surgeries carried out at the heels’ sections. Like bunion, they are different as well.
  • METATARSAL SURGERY: These are bone surgeries to control and to manage pressures on the ball section of the foot
  • NAIL SURGERY: Deformed, damaged, or infected toenails need surgery
  • NEUROMA SURGERY: benign enlargement causes tingling/burning/numbness. Neuroma surgery helps remove this soft tissue.
  • RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY: This procedure involves multiple surgeries to rehabilitate your foot for stability
  • SKIN SURGERY: Removal procedure for moles, lipomas, warts, fibromas, and rashes

Foot and ankle surgeries vary in multiple ways: length, complexity, and severity. Most of these plantar fasciitis surgeries, FLAT FOOT SURGERY, MORTON’S NEUROMA SURGERY, flat feet surgery are workable in a single day. Whenever an outpatient arrives, they can be attended to and allowed to go back home the same day.


  1. Discussing the surgical plan
  2. Scheduling the surgery
  3. Preoperative directions and preparations
  4. Surgery performance
  5. Post-operative management

Patients who have surgery are required to have a family member, friend, or caretaker watchof them for at least the first 24-hours after the procedure. We always advise as part of the post-operative strategies that work effectively in psychological healing.