Foot and ankle conditions are usually overlooked

Especially considering that numerous patients often ignore signs and symptoms or fail to mention them to their doctors. Many of these problems can easily be corrected or improved by wearing low profile braces, special orthotics, or physical therapy to enhance/strengthen motion range.

In most cases, ankle and foot issues can be conservatively treated with bracing, orthotics, and casting. Our offices offer a wide range of durable medical equipment for most foot and ankle issues.


Bracing is a common medical practice for treating the ankle’s instability for patients with an ankle sprain. Ankle and foot braces are now popularly used to help treat numerous medical injuries, deformities, and problems. Doctors recommend balance braces to help minimize fall risk, while other braces can help reduce the pain associated with stiff, flat feet and severe arthritic problems. These braces are usually low profile and light.

Orthoses used in treating foot, knee, and/or ankle come in multiple varieties. This often varies from basic orthoses, off-the-shelf, and even custom-fabricated complex orthoses designed from a patient’s limb model.

Officially speaking, orthoses used in treating both the foot and the ankle are known as ankle-foot orthoses/AFOs. Usually, these orthoses are made from metal, leather, or plastic. They offer your foot support by using a non-molded or molded footplate or an orthopedic shoe that features an extra segment extending upwards towards the lower leg. Ankle and foot orthoses are commonly used in offering support to your weakened foot and ankle. Effectively, this allows the patient to walk without an abnormal gait pattern or peculiar limp safely.



  • Chronic ankle instability
  • Acute and chronic ankle sprains
  • Prophylactic use
  • Tendonitis or chronic tendon tear Syndesmosis sprain
  • Ankle injury rehabilitation of ankle sprain and strains.
  • Transition from walker boot or cast to normal activities after an injury
  • To increase support in inversion and eversion.


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