Yellow Nail Treatments

Yellow nails can be embarrassing and in some cases they can be painful and potentially problematic. Luckily the nails you have currently are not the nails that you have to live with. At Frederick Foot & Ankle our podiatrists are up to date on the latest treatments for your discolored and thick nails.

Often times the yellowing and the increased mass of the nails is due to a fungal infection. Fungus can be found in many places in the environment such as; a shower, inside of your shoes, or even if you are just walking barefoot and come across and infected surface. It is common to encounter fungus and occasionally it decides to make your nails their new home. The space created by your nail and the skin directly under the nail are often an ideal location for this fungal spores to set-up shop. Once the fungal spores have found a good location to call home, they begin to multiply and infect your nails. Normally the infection will start at the tip and then start working their way down to your cuticle. Along the way the spores are multiplying in between the layers of your nail which causes the thickness and the diminished clarity of your once healthy nails.

Now to get rid of this unsightly problem Frederick foot and ankle has several different avenues, it is up to you and your podiatrist to choose the path that is right for you. First, would be a topical antifungal solution. The topical can come in a cream, gel, or oil. The topical solution should be applied to all of the infected nails covering the entire nail surface and the surrounding edges every day. Next, there is the oral medical that is taken once a day and works from the inside to combat the infection. Third is the laser, the laser heats up the fungal tissue so that the cells are destroyed and can no longer multiply. Finally there is a faux nail that can be formed in place of your undesirable nail. With Keryflex a majority of your infected nail is removed and a fake nail is molded in its place. A Keryflex nail gives instant results but the nail will still need to be treated so that the new nail that grows is fungus free. With all the treatment you should be sure that you are treating your footwear to rid the iside from any potential infection causing fungus. The spray should initially be used on the inside of all your shoes every night for a week and then for maintenance once a week. Spraying out your kicks will also yield a more pleasant odor. Treating your shoes is important because fungal elements prosper in shoes because they provide an ideal environment for growth.

While you are doing everything correct in order to rid your feet of the unsightly invasion don’t get discouraged when you do not see results immediately. Unless you choose the Keryflex option it may take 2 months before your being to see some advancements. When part of the old yellow nail grows out simply trim the nail, eventually the entirety of the unattractive nail will be clipped off leaving you with clear nails to show off. On average a healthy individual’s total nail will grow out in 6 to 9 months, but it is not uncommon for the whole big toe to take a year to grow out.

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