Alex Morgan of USWNT unveils the World Cup Uniforms

Earlier this week did you get a chance to see the new uniforms for the FIFA Women’s World Cup? Alex Morgan, Tobin Heath and Sydney Leroux unveiled their new Nike uniforms and all its glory!

If you haven’t seen them yet they are pretty awesome looking. They are white, black and neon green. It is a little shocking for some that Nike decided to stray away from the typical red, white and blue. However, Clinton Yates, a Washington Post columnist said” Moves away from flag-related colors are really nothing new in the soccer world, even if that concept makes waves on these shores. Germany and Argentina have been rocking the look gloriously for years. … “A move away from the same old colors of the Star-Spangled Banner is a great move for U.S. Soccer at this point. It’s no surprise that the women are leading the charge, per usual.” The new uniforms also are also very green and are environmental friendly, being made from recycled polyester (from plastic bottles).

In addition, to the unveiling of the new uniforms Alex Morgan and Abby Wambach made an appearance on American Idol, to promote this summers FIFA Women’s World Cup that starts on June 6th in Canada. The USWNT players presented the Ryan Seacrest an official jersey and even joked around that he should be their water boy this summer. In this same episode Seacrest announced that the winner of the season would record the “official anthem for FOX’s World Cup coverage”, this summer!

By looking at Alex Morgan on social media her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts are being bombarded with excitement for the World Cup. However, it was only a few months ago that her left ankle sprain, threatened to keep her off the roster.

Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are a common injury in soccer. This particular injury occurs if there is a severe in-turning and/or out-turning of the foot in relation to the ankle. These forces cause the ligaments to stretch past their normal length. There are different kinds of sprains that need different types of treatment. Each type is graded 1-3, with the severity of the sprain correlating to the highest number. Grade 1 relates that some stretching and some damage to the ligament fibers. Grade 2 relates to partial tearing of the ligament. And Grade 3 is a complete tear of the ligament. If you or someone you know has an ankle sprain schedule an appointment with one of your amazing podiatrists. We have an office in Frederick, MD and Urbana, MD.

By Nikki Ho

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