Altra Running Shoes

Frederick Foot & Ankle is proud to announce that we will start carrying Altra Running Shoes starting Friday March 23rd!

Our podiatrists agree that the key to healthy feet is proper foot ware for each individual. Many injuries and deformities of the lower leg are rooted in ill-fitting or improper shoes. This is why we have selected the Altra brand for our My New Feet Store.

There are several reasons why we feel the Altra Running Shoes are a suitable and supportive sneaker

Large Toe Box: The front part of the shoe where your toes sit is called the toe box. In many shoes this area is too small leading to deformities like hammer toes and bunions that are caused by limited space in the shoe. When the toes remain in a natural alignment the toe-off of the runner’s gait is more comfortable and efficient.

Zero Drop: Zero Drop is a phrase used to describe that there is no height difference of the shoe from the rearfoot to the forefoot. This keeps your heel and your toes on an even surface when standing flat, providing a more natural stance. When your heel is elevated in a shoe compared to your toes your Achilles tendon and calf are at a shortened position, over time this can lead to a shorter Achilles. An elevated heel also increases the impact on heel strike where zero drop minimizes these effects.

Gender Specific: Anatomically speaking men and women’s feet are not the same therefore different shoes are in order. Altra’s men’s and women’s line are manufactured to different specifications, in order to accommodate for the differences that are characteristic for each gender’s feet.

Improve Your Techinique: another reason we love Altra is there website provides eductional videos on how to run with better form.

These shoes were formed by a runner for runner’s and altered based on scientific research. We hope that out patients and friends love these shoes as much as we do.

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