Ambulatory Surgical Center

Did you know that in addition to seeing patients with routine foot care needs, and even urgent podiatry concerns we have a surgical suite? The Ambulatory Surgical Center is located at our Frederick office on Thomas Johnson Drive. An Ambulatory Surgical Center is a facility where surgeries are performed that do not require the patient to be admitted to the hospital. The doctors of Frederick Foot & Ankle wanted to provide their patients with a smooth and private operating area to eliminate the extra stress that can accompany the hospital setting.

Our surgical suite is in use by all 6 of our trained podiatric surgeons, where they feel comfortable and familiar in our one of a kind operating setting. During a routine surgery one of our trained surgical assistants (Kim, Jenny, and Paul) help the podiatrists by being an extra set of hands and eyes during the surgery. For scheduling, verifications, and all things behind the scenes we have our surgical coordinator (Taryn, pictured above). With only two recovery bays and one operating room the surgery center staff’s attention is focused on a limited number of patients, giving each patient personalized attention to accommodate their needs. Other advantages of our private surgery suite include; shorter wait times, surgeons operating in a more controlled setting, an operating room dedicated to podiatric surgeries, and a more accessible location.

Having an Ambulatory Surgical Center does have a few limitations including; restrictions held by insurances, and specific surgeries that must be performed in a hospital setting.

If your feet and ankles are causing you pain or discomfort make an appointment at Frederick Foot & Ankle where we are equipped to take care of your health on many levels.

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