Body Alignment Problems

Proper body alignment

Have you ever felt that when you are walking or running that your body is out of whack, and not aligned properly? If one part of your body isn’t balanced out it can cause havoc on all of your bones, joints, and muscles, which are trying to compensate. With this compensating mechanism, the bones, joints, and muscles surrounding the problem area start pulling out of proper alignments resulting in pain/soreness. This leads to wear and tear of the joint cartilage. The wear and tear of the cartilage can affect the way you walk and even run. In some cases, the damage is so severe that joint replacements are necessary.


Many people complain about sore knees and hips and sore backs, but where you feel the pain is not always the source of the pain. Approximately 80% of time the problems originate from having a underlying foot condition that is causing this unbalanced feeling and alignment problems.

Without treatment these aches and pains can worsen.

There are different foot disorders that can cause alignment issues.

  1. The pressure distribution is different between the left and right feet, and the patients is placing more pressure on one side than the other.
  2. There can be 2 different foot types in one single patient. For example, one foot can be a flat foot type and the other can be a high arching foot type. Also, there can be 2 different degrees of flat feet and 2 different degrees of high arches.


The most common treatment for these alignment problems are custom molded orthotics. Orthotics will help re-distribute your body weight into places where it should be to balance out both sides. Using orthotics will help your body restore proper alignment and balance between the bones, joints, and muscles and should help calm down the aches and pains of your knees, hips and back.

If you want to further discuss body alignment or are interested in a pair of custom molded orthotics, schedule an appointment with us! We would be happy to help you and your alignment issues. So don’t hesitate to stop on by your friendly podiatrist at any of our 3 Frederick Foot & Ankle offices.

By Coralia Terol

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