Boston Marathon Bomber Breaks His Silence

It has been a long and emotional time for those following the Boston Marathon Bomber trial. This has been a sensitive subject for many involved in the running community, including us here at Frederick Foot & Ankle. On that fatal day, many of our peers and friends were volunteering in the medical tents at the finish-line, where the bombings took place. Their simple medical tents were equipped for the usual post-marathon podiatric complaints, but no one was prepared for what would take place. The small medical tents soon became a triage area for 1st responders. What they saw and experienced has been described similarly to what one would see in a “war zone”.

The devastation we felt on April 13, 2013, not only affected the city of Boston and the running community, but also the Podiatric community. Many Boston residents felt unsafe living in the city they had lived in all their lives. Many Runners became fearful of competing in big name marathons, and medical volunteers were now fearful for their safety at large events. However, despite these fears, all of those affected by this tragic event have rallied together to rebuild what was taken from us.

On May 15, 2015, suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was charged guilty, and on June 24th sentenced to death. After the formal sentencing, Tsarnaev broke his silence stating, “If there is any lingering doubt, let there be no more. I did it, along with my brother”. Once Tsarnaev confessed, many felt a wave of emotion at the conclusion of this high profile trial and relief that justice would now be served.

With the conclusion of the trail, the community at large has come together, both new and experienced runners to not only participate in the next marathon, but to remember and pay tribute to those who were lost in 2013. If you are in need of a training partner or a podiatrist to get your feet and ankles healthy for a race, don’t hesitate to come visit us at one of our offices located in Urbana, MD and Frederick, MD.

By Danielle Watson

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