Celebrate Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

In addition to Breast Cancer Awareness month, National Reading Group Month, Women’s Small Business Month, and Apple Month October is known as Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. Being a dog owner myself I wanted to share all the positives of adopting.
Why You Should Adopt a Dog

  1. Save a life: Unfortunately, animal shelters across the United States become over populated with homeless pets leading to 2.7 million potentially adoptable dogs and cats being euthanized each year. You can decrease these number by adopting from a shelter and being a responsible pet owner. The empty spot you created in the dog shelter gives another dog from the streets a chance to be adopted.
  2. Health Benefits: the companionship increases oxytocin decreasing anxiety and stress. Increased exercise with daily walks, fights off extra pounds and keeps your heart healthy. These added health benefits of owning a dog adds years to your life.
  3. Social ability: Studies show that owning a dog keeps you more social than your dog-less counterparts, apparently dog walks don’t just supply exercise but include more social interactions.
  4. Variability: Adopting from a shelter gives you more options of breed types and dog ages. In one visit to the humane society you can see all types of canines, even some with previous training. Most shelters even encourage you to interact with multiple dogs to test out the right feet.
  5. Less Expense: the average cost of adopting a dog from your local shelter is around $100 and includes vaccinations and a check-up by a veterinarian. Adoption prices normally undercut expensive breeders by a few hundred dollars, leaving you with enough cash to spoil your new pooch.

Start off looking for your perfect match online by narrowing down your adoption locations by visiting the websites below

  • Animal Control – https://www.frederickcountymd.gov/15/Animal-ControlFrederick
  • County Humane Society – http://www.fchs.org/Lonely
  • Hearts Animal Rescue – http://lonelyheartsanimalrescue.org/

Other websites that scan a larger area for a pet include

  • Petfinder.com
  • Adoptaped.com

Best of luck looking for your new four-legged companion!

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