Fit Feet with Special Olympics

Special Olympics was designated as a way for those with differing abilities to compete in a safe environment. Sports have been shown to increase health awareness, develop self-confidence, and provide social interaction. A lesser known aspect of the Special Olympics is the Healthy Athletes program where six different health disciplines screen the athletes not only to help them compete pain free but to live a healthier life. The Fit Feet portion of the Special Olympics is where lower extremity professionals and students get together to evaluate the athletes free of charge at the games. Fit Feet wants to bring awareness to the importance of foot care and provide advice on different issues that nag the participants or have been noticed by their coaches. At the event the podiatrist along with podiatry students and volunteers measure the athletes for an accurate shoe size, scan the pressure points during their normal stance, provide donated orthotics, write referrals, and relay patient specific lower extremity education.

The experience for the volunteers is uplifting to give back to the community through an organization that has such positive goal.

To get involved in the Special Olympics follow the link below

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