Following in my Mother’s Footsteps

Working with a relative can have its challenges but we have found that adding real family to our Frederick Foot & Ankle family has worked out for all parties involved.

Robbie and Shannon are one of our Mother-Daughter working relationships. Shannon has been working with Frederick Foot & Ankle for 7 years in multiple positions. Shannon now holds the title of our Clinical Coordinator, a very fitting position for an employee that has 20 years of clinical experience. Shannon started bringing Robbie around the office on her school breaks when she was 15 years old and she completed odd jobs around the office. Now that Robbie has graduated from high school she has joined the work force full time we now have the pleasure of seeing Robbie’s smiling face at the front desk and check-out. In addition to working at the podiatry office during the day Robbie and Shannon are both dance instructors at a local studio. When asking Shannon about working with her daughter she wanted to make it clear that even though they drive together to work she does not make Robbie lunch.

Our second Mother-Daughter team is Shannon and her daughter Kayla. Shannon came to us with 10 years of Podiatry experience and started with Frederick Foot & Ankle 7 years ago as front desk but has since switched roles and has become a wonderful addition to our billing department. Shannon admitted that when Kayla first applied to Frederick Foot & Ankle she was hesitant about working with her daughter but finds that everything has worked out for the best. When asking Kayla her position with Frederick Foot & Ankle she said she wanted a change from working retail and finds that she is learning new skills that will carry over to future positions.

Danielle and Alexis may look like twins and are frequently mistaken as such, but are actually 5 years apart. Danielle, the oldest, landed a job first at the podiatry office as a scribe and later referred her younger sister for the intern position. Now that Alexis is more seasoned she has joined Frederick Foot & Ankle in a bigger role as full time medical assistant. The sister-sister team works side by side in two different roles one as the medical assistant and another as a scribe. Their bond goes outside the office with carpooling, living together, and sharing lunches. Both sisters are also attending Frederick Community College and working towards their nursing degree. We are lucky to have them both and know that they will both make excellent nurses in the future.

By Nikki Ho

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