From Feet to Spines

We say good bye to one of our valued employees as she begins school at Life University in Georgia. Meredith (pictured above with her dog, Benelli) is a graduate of Catawba University of North Carolina where she was a star athlete and student. She completed her undergraduate degree in Biology and found a temporary home at Frederick Foot & Ankle where she utilized her medical, marketing, and social media skills.

At Life University Meredith will be studying to be a Doctor of Chiropractic. Chiropractors treat individuals with neuromuscular ailments by making adjustments to the spine. To earn a degree as a chiropractor you must have an undergraduate degree before applying to school and then return to a dedicated chiropractic school for four more years. Chiropractic school entrance is competitive seeing that there are only 15 schools in the country that offer the program. The first two years of Chiropractic school are spent in the classroom and the last two years are mostly in a clinical setting. During the four years the chiropractic students must continue periodically take licensing exams. Chiropractors aim to decrease their patient’s pain with body manipulations using their extensive knowledge of the spinal nervous system and biomechanics.

Before Meredith moved to Georgia Dr. Terol did a mini interview so that we could all share in Meredith’s new journey.

Dr. Terol: Meredith we are so proud of you pursuing your passion in alternative medicine, what lead you to this career path?

Meredith: I chose to pursue a Chiropractic career because I believe in healing the body as gently and natural as possible. I wanted to help people by using non-invasive techniques that are taught in chiropractic schools.

Dr. Terol: You will be in school for 4 more years, have you thought ahead of what you will do after graduation?

Meredith: Upon graduating with my DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) I want to continue my education in order to become a certified Veterinary Chiropractor. As a Vet Chiropractor you are able to practice manipulations on all types of animals. With this extra certification I will be able to open my patient schedule to a wider variety of patients and have a more diverse day than most health care providers.

Dr. Terol: Working with Frederick Foot & Ankle I know you did not see any spinal adjustments, but I am sure that being around this wonderful company and working in a variety of avenues you learned many helpful skills. What are somethings you learned from being with us?

Meredith: Frederick Foot & Ankle has shown me the complete view of a medical office and how patient care is the forefront of a successful practice. I was lucky enough to work with patients as well as the business aspect of Frederick Foot & Ankle.

Dr. Terol: While you were an undergraduate at Catawba College you were also a Division II lacrosse player and managed to keep your grades at an impressive level. What is you advice to other students to keep a busy schedule and still maintain their studies?

Meredith: My advice may be predictable but it truly helps, manage your time wisely, and when you have free time; get ahead on your work! But most importantly don’t forget to enjoy your time at college because it goes by faster than you believe.

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