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Recently one of our scribes was admitted to Temple University’s School of Podiatric Medicine. We are so proud of Olivia, she will be leaving us in August to start school!

Dr. Yanes asked Olivia a few questions about herself and podiatry school.

Dr Yanes: What got you interested in podiatry?

Olivia: I was working at the practice to get more experience in the medical field before applying to Physician Assistant school, and I didn’t know much about podiatry. I ended up really liking it just from being a medical scribe and getting to see all the different patients with the doctors everyday. All of the doctors were also really helpful and supportive when I told them I was going to apply to podiatry school which helped motivate me.

Dr. Yanes: For those that don’t know what a medical scribe is, could you explain your job duties?

Olivia: As a scribe, I work with the doctor and go into each patient room with them. While the doctor and the medical assistant are performing procedures to the foot or speaking to the patient about a treatment plan I make sure the patient encounter is documented electronically in the computer. This allows the doctor to have more face time with their patients. I also check to make sure all the appropriate paperwork is filled out correctly later on, so we have a good patient history at future visits.

Dr. Yanes: How was watching surgery with Dr. Bannerjee?

Olivia: Really interesting, Dr. Bannerjee did a great job and made it look easy. Dr. Bannerjee did a Haglud’s Deformity removal, Achilles Lengthening, Hallux Regidus with Hemi Implant. Watching the implant was my favorite to watch because we see so many people with this problem in the office everyday.

Dr. Yanes: What do you do for fun? Where is a cool vacation you have been on?

Olivia: I like going to new places and spending time with my family/friends! Bermuda was one of my favorite vacations. Bermuda was so relaxing and beautiful.

Dr Yanes: What foot condition are you excited to treat?

Olivia: Plantar fasciitis because it is the number one cause of heel pain, I love when people walk out of the office and say “my feet feel better already.” Also, helping athletes with sports injuries because I used to play lacrosse when I was growing up. I feel like I can relate to those patients a lot!

Dr Yanes: If you could be any animal what would you be and why?

Olivia: Probably a dolphin because I love the ocean. One of my dreams is to swim with the Dolphins in the caribbean!

Dr Yanes: Describe the type of doctor you will be?

Olivia: I want to be knowledgeable so that my patients trust me and so I know the best treatments for each patient I see.

Dr Yanes: When you went for your school interviews what was something exciting you did?

Olivia: I had one interview near Los Angeles at Western University and California School of Podiatric Medicine near San Francisco. Visiting California was great! I got to drive up the coast and see some of the beautiful beaches and enjoyed the warm weather.

Dr. Yanes: What activities do you participate in outside of work?

Olivia: I like to workout or go on hikes when it’s warm outside. My favorite place to go hiking is at Great Falls Park in Potomac.

Dr. Yanes: What is one of your fun nicknames and why?

Olivia: Olive, has been my nickname since high school, or at Frederick Foot & Ankle Dr. Terol will sometimes call me Violet. She says I don’t look like an Olivia, I look more like a Violet.

Dr. Yanes: what’s your go to dish?

Olivia: Spaghetti, it is easy and something I am always in the mood for. What I really like to do is bake, anything sweet is good with me.

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