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During this holiday season I feel nostalgic and like to reflect on my good fortunes. Too often I forget all the positives in my life and focus on the inconveniences. I heard from a friend years ago about the idea of gratitude journaling but never started one or really considered its benefits. Gratitude journaling is meant to bring more peace to your life and lower your stress by allowing you to express in writing all the good that has entered your day.

How to start such a positive periodical? Try using some of these prompts below for your writing. Don’t feel pressured to put something down every day, try once a week to sum up your last seven days. Remember this is supposed to add to your life not feel like chore, so make it fit for you.

  • List three things that brought you joy today
  • Write a favorite memory from your childhood that you are grateful for
  • Mention a friend or family member that you are blessed to have in your life and why
  • Name a goal that you have achieved recently
  • Describe one of your talents
  • A family tradition that you love to participate in

Don’t forget to re-read previous entries to be an up-lifting reminder on days that your feel less than blessed.

If you need more direction for you writing, try some of these journals …

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