Maryland School for the Deaf- Frederick, MD

Maryland school for the Deaf (MSD) was established in Frederick in 1868 and opened its doors to 34 students. The school was initially housed in the Hessian Barracks, these stone buildings were erected during the revolutionary war by the British mercenaries. Today there are over 14 buildings on MSD’s Frederick campus with a 500 plus student enrollment.

In the 1970’s Maryland needed additional seats to accommodate the increasing enrollment rate of deaf students. In response to the influx of students a satellite campus in Columbia was opened in 1973. Currently, the Columbia campus is in operation with 155 pupils ranging from elementary to middle school aged children.

MSD’s Frederick campus hosts deaf and hard-of-hearing students Kindergarten through 12th grade, tuition free. MSD attendees come during the day for class or they can reside on the campus in the dormitories through-out the week. Students learn directly from staff through American Sign Language (ASL) instructors, as opposed to learning through an interpreter. The school has many resources available to the students on campus including; after school activities, lounges, and athletics. Additionally, the campus is adjacent to historic downtown Frederick where there are many educational and entertainment outlets to choose from.

MSD is an integral part of the Frederick community and we love to see patients that attend this very notable establishment. The school’s mission statement is worth mentioning as it clearly lays out the institutions goals as “a diverse, bilingual community, in partnership with families, provides an equitable and exemplary education in a nurturing, engaging, and challenging environment to ensure our students achieve personal excellence and become responsible lifelong learners”

If you would like to be seen for your foot and ankle concerns and need an ASL interpreter, please contact us through the following link and mention your request in the comments section. We hope to meet the podiatric needs of all the members in our community!

“I Love You” is signed above by our Front Desk Coordinator, Hannah K.

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