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Frederick Foot & Ankle always wants to put their best foot forward. As a company we want to offer complete care for our patient’s feet within our office. Recently, our store at 141 Thomas Johnson Drive received a face lift. Our initial store was not holding up to our needs. Witho our new layout we are now able to show case more shoes, foot pads, vitamins and over the counter foot treatments.

We host many approved diabetic shoes, running shoes, and supportive stylish shoes. Some brands we carry include; Apex, Surefit, Orthofeet, Brooks, and Vioics. For those of you that are not familiar with Vionics they are a brand that prides themselves on support while remaining to be aesthetically pleasing.

Our store is manned by our beautiful and capable Breanne Russell. Ms. Russell has her bachelor’s degree from Frostburg University in Athletic training, has complete knowledge of podiatric medical assisting, and is an avid athlete herself, previously playing field hockey at the collegiate level and currently weight training regularly. Ms. Russell is available during office hours and is more than capable to answer your foot ware needs. Often times Ms. Russell finds that it just takes ordering the right shoe and the correct size to make your feet more comfortable. Whenever we order shoes for our customers we have 4 point system to select the right size shoe. The 4 point measuring system is then evaluated by a pedorothist, an individual who uses their foot expertise to make a more accurate selection on the shoe size.

We are excited to offer a store that can fit shoes for people with all foot types. Our past and present customers varry from those that ran in the Frederick half Marathon and some with severe foot conditions that may require accommodation for an Ankle/Foot orthosis (AFO). AFO’s may sound like something from outerspace but actually are placed on the patient’s lower leg to help with stability and improve gait.

It is Frederick Foot & Ankle’s hopes that our podiatric office offers not only superb care for our patients but they can walk out with the same day with any products they need thanks to our now updates “My New Feet” store.At our second location, in Urbana, we have a scaled down version of the “My New Feet Store”. At thisoffice there are trained staff to help fit patients with the proper shoes and order them if necessary.

Our Urbana office is often preferred by patients that would rather visit Frederick Foot & Ankle in a more intimate setting.We hope to see many more visitors at both locations to see what our store has to offer, no appointment is necessary but to ensure a more timely visit set up an appointment to be measured for shoes (No copay required if only being measured for foot ware).

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