New Year, New You

New Year, New You

45% of American’s make resolutions each New Year, but a staggering 73% ditch their resolution before they see it through to completion.

Here are some helpful hints that could make for a successful 2016

1. Break up your Goal – Cut up your goal in to manageable chunks that you achieve step by step. If you are trying to drop weight cut up your goal into weekly weigh-ins. If you aim to lose one pound per week, then by the end of the year you have lost 52 pounds.

2. Set aside time to achieve your goal – If you are trying to spend more time with your family, block off time on your calendar for dinner every Wednesday night. Write it down every week on your calendar and send an invite to the potential attendees, so there is no conflicting arrangement.

2. Ask for a friends help – Trying to eat healthier? Buddy up with someone else with the same goal in mind. Meet with a friend to meal prep with for the week or to swap healthy recipes with.

3. Make your goals known – Post, write down, or tell your friends about your new goals. Putting your resolutions down on paper or telling others makes you more accountable and serves a reminder.

4. And for all of our tech savvy people – enlist the help of an app. Some apps that may be helpful are:

Evernote claims to help you “remember everything.” This app will send you e-mail reminds, allow you to make to-do lists, and help you organize online clippings, such as workout routines or recipes.

Mint is a website and app to track you spending and income. The app will bring together all of your accounts in one place for easy viewing and help you stick to a budget.

Habitbull helps you break a bad habit and hopefully replace with a good habit. Instead of smoking that next cigarette, meditate for 10 minutes. This app will track your patterns and moods and asses at what times you may want to partake in your bad habit again.

Curiosity allows you Videos on your selected topics will help educate you for 2016. If you don’t have time for the videos there are fact sheets and info graphs.

My goal this year is to try to read 1 new book a month. Try an app like Wattpad, which gives you access to over 100,000 titles to read at your leisure.

For 2016, my advice to all of our readers are related to healthier feet: wear supportive shoes, moisturize feet each night, avoid walking barefoot, and have your feet evaluated by a podiatrist every year.

By Alvin Bannerjee

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