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We have added new products to our array of available footcare products at Frederick Foot & Ankle. The Podiatree Company line is not available at both locations. The Podiatree Company’s goal is to improve foot health. All products made by The Podiatree Company are safe for use by diabetic patients. These specialty products are only offered in participating provider’s offices.

Our top products from The Podiatree Company include

Adessa 40 Nail Gel is for thick nails. In addition to regular debriding and application of the nail gel your once thickened nail can become thinner. The nail gel includes urea, olive leaf extract, and aloe to promote healthy nail growth.

Fortinia with clotrimazole is our number one prescribed nail treatment for yellow nails that are infected by fungus. The product comes with throw away application brushes to decrease the chance of reinfecting other nails. To help with clear healthy nail growth the antifungal formula also contains lavender oil, wheat germ oil, and vitamin E.

Adessa Repair and Rejuvenate Kit helps heal mild to severe dry skin. After cleaning and drying both feet use the two-step process repair the dry skin. Step one includes the Adessa 30 Heel Liniment and step two rejuvenates with the Probetic 20 moisturizing Foot Cream.

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee from The Podiatree Company, they will provide a full refund if contacted directly. http://www.thepodiatreecompany.com/guarantee.html

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