Pricey Pedis

Looking back on a nice vacation I had with my husband (pictured below) I was reminiscing on our spa day treat. It is always nice to splurge every once and awhile on your feet, but these are some steep treatments I stumbled across.

For the princess pedicure you could have 500 Swarovski crystals carefully placed one by one on the entire surface of all of your toenails. This expensive pedicure should last you about three weeks with a price tag of about $200! The luxurious Lapis Spa in Miami is known to provide a few lucky people with the Swarovski Crystal pedicure.

Fish Frenzy

Garra fish are river dwelling fish that are naturally found in Turkey and now living in a spa near you. Garra fish also go by the name “doctor fish” or “nibble fish.” For a fish pedicure you place your feet into a still tub of cool water with hundreds of little fish; don’t fret though they have no teeth and can not cause any pain! The fish will begin to nibble off the dead skin on your feet for about 20 minutes, leaving un-callused smooth skin. Luckily these fish do not need to be trained, in the wild these fish groom other living fish by eating dead scales off of them. After removing your feet from the fish pool your feet get cleaned off and a normal pedicure can resume.

In addition to regular pedicures, the nibble fish can help with the symptoms of psoriosis, improve circulation, and activate acupuncture points. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian have been known to treat herself to a fish pedicure. In select spas the fish pedicure is $75 per session. The craze first started in Asian countries but has finally made its way to most parts of the United States.

Snakeskin on Nails?!

Snakeskin isn’t just for shoes anymore there is now a snakeskin pedicure that costs around $300. This look comes from naturally shed snake skin that gets applied directly to your toe nails. For those that don’t enjoy the thought of leftover reptile skin getting stuck to your toes then they offer a faux snake skin. Spa Vdara is Las Vegas, Nevada is known for this radically new way to decorate your feet.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Azature’s Black Diamond Polish which sells for $250,000 a bottle. Currently the Black Diamond Polish holds the record for the most expensive nail polish. What could possibly be so wonderful about nail polish that you have to spend more than the cost of a home on? It is made with 267 carats worth of black diamonds. Ozzy Osborne’s daughter Kelly has been known to rock this black sparkly gel polish. The previous record for most expensive nail polish was held by Gold Rush Couture Polish and was sold at $132,000 and the most expensive part of this paint is the bottle. The bottle is encrusted in with 1,118 diamonds on the lid!

Laser Time

The Ultimate Pro Pedicure performed at the Margaret Dabbs Foot Clinic and Spa in London provides their pedicure for a meager $1,250 per foot. A high tech 3D laser follows these simple steps to produce the perfect pedicure:

  1. The laser assesses the customer’s feet
  2. Another laser is used to treat any discoloration in the toenails
  3. A crystal buffing tool is used to smooth out any thickened skin
  4. As the final touch to the pedicure Emu Oil is massaged in. Emu oil has been shown to be beneficial when taken orally and when applied topically. When emu oil is applied directly to the skin it can reduce muscle soreness, decrease inflammation, speed up wound healing, reduce bruises, help with poor circulation, dry skin, wrinkles… the list goes on.

Singer Lily Allen is known to get this pampered pedicure when she is in London and swears that it takes years off the appearance of her feet.

For a foot treat without the heavy price tag there is always Frederick Foot & Ankle. Although we do not provide paint we do care for any of your medical needs below the knee!

By Danielle Watson

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