Rodgers Facing Adversity in NFC Title

College football just ended, congrats to the Ohio State Buckeyes and coach Urban Meyer on his victory. Only a few games left for the NFL. One may wonder how important the health of a quarterback is when it comes to these playoff games. Can having one night out with the boys at the bar hinder his performance on the field in a few days? How about someone weighing in at 307 lbs…

Ndamukong Suh recently won his appeal that resulted from the incident where he stepped on Aaron Rodger’s (Green bay Packer’s Quarterback) ankle. It was an accident, where the temperature was really cold and caused numbness in his feet. This created a loss on sensation where Suh was not aware of what he was standing on.

Depending on the force of the step, the average person’s step pressure is 3x their weight. Therefore, Suh may have applied up to 921lbs of pressure on Rodger’s ankle! Do you think this could affect the Packers playoff chances against the defending champions, Seattle Seahawks?? Or maybe Rodgerswill visit his local podiatrist to get fitted for an ankle brace!

At Frederick Foot & Ankle we fit many of our patients with different kinds of support braces. From fractured ankles to tendonitis, gait instability and flat feet; these are just a few reasons for a trip to your podiatrist.

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By Nikki Ho

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