Seminoles BCS Survive The Polar Vortex

The weather the past couple of days has been quite the wake up call! With the temperature in the single digits and the high only reaching the teens, everyone is talking about the cold. If you factor in the wind-chill, the temperature outside will be in the negatives.

We sure have experienced the extremes from Mother Nature in the early part of 2014! From the snowstorm we were gifted on New Years Day, a damp start to the week on Monday, and today’s temperature plummeting… you might be asking yourself what in the world is going on. These artic temperatures affecting Frederick County and majority of the United States can be described as the polar vortex. As podiatrists, we suggest appropriate amount of clothing from head to toe. On certain days, the weather can be below freezing, but the wind amplifies the chill factor.

If you have a job that requires you to work outside in these fridge temperatures make sure that you are bundled up. If not, you could suffer from Chilblains, also called perniosis. This condition is often misdiagnosed as frostbite, but Chilblains occurs with the exposure to the cold. The cold weather damages the capillary beds in the skin causing redness, itching, blistering or inflammation. The most common areas that are affected are the hands, ears, feet and especially the toes. The most recommended prevention is to bundle up and make sure no area of your body is exposed for a long duration of time! Stay safe out there everyone.

On the bright side, Jameis Winston, a professed future podiatrist and the quarterback for the Florida States Seminoles, won the BCS championship. If you didn’t see it, it was one for the history books. Check out some of the highlights from the comfort of your home on YouTube and avoid this crazy polar vortex!

If you or someone you know might be interested in learning more about Chilblains or a future in podiatry, come on into our office Frederick Foot & Ankle Specialists. We would be more than happy to schedule an appointment, at either of our locations in Frederick, MDand Urbana, MD. We can set you up the proper evaluation and treatment plan to help you on your way to the new you in 2014; don’t hesitate visiting your local podiatrists!

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