Show your Pink Pride

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so show your pink pride to support Breast Cancer Awareness and wear some pink. This month we aim to raise awareness of this devastating disease. While many people are aware of breast cancer in general, however we strive to educate people about early detection. With all cancers, but especially breast cancer, the treatment options have better prognosis and outcomes with earlier detection and diagnosis.

Social Media: In October the National Breast Cancer Foundation takes the social medial world by storm. They have their own Facebook, Twitter and even their own YouTube channel! With all this promotion over social media they can spread the word about their amazing community reach out programs. From “Early Detection Plan” to “Beyond the Shock” to their generous fundraisers.

The “Early Detection Plan” aims to preemptively fight Breast Cancer, in the best way we know how… by having a plan that help you detect this disease sooner than later. If you go on the National Breast Cancer Foundation you can customize a calendar so that you can receive reminders to do a self-breast exam at home and to have scheduled mammograms. The time period between your mammograms, differs from person to person, because it is based on your age and/or your family’s health history.

The “Beyond the Shock” program aims to help recent diagnosed people or family member better understand the disease; from staging to the different treatment options. If you go to the official website for the National Breast Cancer Foundation there is a Beyond the Shock, link that leads you into a comprehensive online guide to all the ins and outs of breast cancer as a disease. Funding: October is a huge month not only for raising awareness, it is also a big month for fundraising opportunities. The National Breast Cancer Foundation holds fundraisers to help provide mammograms for women in need. Also, the Susan G. Komen walk is held in October. One of our Frederick Foot and Ankle team members has volunteered, at the medical tent for the “Race for the Cure” in Philadelphia for the past 2 years. “It’s amazing to hear their stories and to be able to give back is a wonderful experience. Its touching how each and every one of the race participants is a fighter, whether they are a survivor themselves or a friend or family member.”

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