Surgical Options for Flat Feet

Flat Feet

Flat feet is a term used to describe a specific foot type. Flat foot is exactly what you might think it mean, when your medial arch collapses when you are standing up; allowing the complete sole of your foot touch the ground.

Problems Associated with Flat Feet

Often people with flat feet have ankle and knee pains or injury because this foot type is not the ideal alignment of your legs. This leads to unstableness and increase stress on the joints and soft tissue surrounding it, including ligaments and tendons. People with flat feet can often have aches and pains in the heel and the arch of their feet, along with swelling on the inside of their ankles.

Surgery to fix Flat Feet

There are many way to surgically correct flat feet. First you need to address all three planes that are affected; frontal, saggital and transverse. To correct the frontal plane you can cut into the heel bone and slide the posterior slice of bone medially to help change the pull of the Achilles tendon to help bring up that medial part of the arch. To fix the saggital plane deformity, you can take out a wedge of the top side of the medial cuneiform bone, in the midtarsal. To correct the transverse plane deformity you can take portion of the navicular tuberosity off and reattach the posterior tibial tendon plantar and distal to the anatomical insertion. Here are just a few options that would be considered to surgically correct a flat foot.

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By Brenna Steinberg

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