The 119th Boston Marathon

This year Frederick Foot & Ankle were lucky enough to send one of our staff members up to Boston to volunteer in the finishers tent of the 119th Boston Marathon, this past Monday on April 20, 2015. It is always nice to volunteer and give back to your community, however with the events that occurred in 2013, last Monday was extraordinary.

This year the Boston Marathon was extra special, the crowds came out to show their full support for the runners, race, and the city of Boston. This year some of the survivors of the bombings of 2013 came not only as an honoree, but also to participate as a runners in the marathon.

Rebekah Gregory was there in 2013, she stood at the finish line cheering on her mother-in-law when the tragic events took place. Two years later and after 35 surgeries, including the amputation of her left leg, she was again in Boston to “take her life back”. It was an emotional time watching her cross the finish line.

The Boston Marathon is more popular than ever, it is now considered a way for people all over the world to show their support. Thousands of people from all over the country and internationally trained tirelessly to meet qualifications and to run this past Monday. However, many were not prepared for the unfortunate weather that struck Boston on race day. The high was 57 degrees Fahrenheit with cold rain starting at 10 am.

Most runners mentally and physically prepared for the 26.2 mile course but they were not equipped for the wind and cold rain that started falling in the late morning. Many of the runners in the medical tents weren’t there for your normal post-race injuries, they were in search of medical attention due to hypothermia risks. Hypothermia can occur when your core body temperature drops below a certain level and can put you at risk for severe medical problems. Make sure when you are preparing for a race out of town you pack layers and prepare for all types of weather conditions.

Frederick Running Festival May 2 & 3

Will you be joining us in the Frederick Running Festival this weekend? We hope to see you out on the course either running with us, cheering the runners on, or at the running festivals expo. And if on the course you have any foot or ankle injuries, one of our amazing podiatrist from Frederick Foot & Ankle will be volunteering at the medical tent, or you can come and visit us at either of our locations in Urbana, MD or Frederick, MD. We can’t wait to see you, and remember to dress appropriately for race day!

By Alvin Bannerjee

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