The Holidays of March!

Although our office is known to have a blast on St. Patrick’s Day, enjoying green-themed decorations to offset our standard scrubs, there are plenty of other celebration-worthy holidays in March that not many people know about. Of course, there is Daylight Savings Time, which pops up on March 12th, taking an hour away but giving us more sunshine day-to-day. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had about enough of leaving for work in the dark and coming back home in the dark every day. I need some sun, even if it means getting up at a time that feels earlier.

We are also looking forward to celebrating Employee Appreciation Day with some of the best employees an office could ask for. Our staff always goes out of their way to make patients and co-workers alike feel happy and comfortable, and we want to thank them for their tireless dedication to our FFA Family. Last year, many of our employees bought each other lunch, brought in coffee, or offered their help on difficult tasks to show just how much they mean to one another. It was heartwarming to see!

Maryland Day closes out the month on March 25th, and we could not feel much more festive! This year we have partnered with the Frederick Running Festival to sponsor their 5K Run, which also means that our names will be on the participation metals. The run is one of Maryland’s most inclusive marathons, encompassing four different kinds of races: a two-person relay, Kids Fun Run, 5K, and a half-marathon. The event takes place May 6th & 7th this year, and boasts some excellent Maryland-themed swag, including a Maryland flag metal! Keep an eye out for the Frederick Running Festival sign ups; anyone can compete! You can even walk the 5K if that is easier for you. Either way, we hope to see you out there.

The month of March is Women’s Month, too, and as you may have read in our National Women Physician’s Day blog, we have several very impressive ladies that hold together our company. Not only are our doctors spectacular and very well versed in the medical field, we also have employees who have left us to attend podiatry school for 4 years, and employees who have just begun their journey, working at our office for internships to meet school requirements. No matter what walk of life, all our female employees have something unique and wonderful to offer, and we are so thankful for them. Whatever you decide to celebrate this month, Frederick Foot & Ankle is here to keep you moving!

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