Welcome Dr. Chen to Frederick Foot & Ankle

We are so happy to add Dr. Jacqueline Chen to our team of skilled podiatrist. To learn a little more about Dr. Chen we asked her a few questions about herself and her prior training.

What brought you to podiatry? My dream job was to become a doctor, ever since I was a kid. I always pictured myself working in the healthcare profession, one day seeing patients and doing surgery. When I was younger I played competitive soccer, being an athlete directed me towards the sports medicine side of podiatry. Previously working for Frederick Foot & Ankle as a medical assistant I fell in love with the diversity of the patient population. In one day at Frederick Foot & Ankle you can treat a child, a surgical candidate, an injury, or a concern with an elderly patient.

What area of podiatry would you consider your specialty? My training leans towards trauma, fracture care and foot/ankle reconstruction.

You are a Maryland native, what is your favorite part of returning to the area? Most of my family and good friends are still in the area and it’s always nice having a good support system around. Maryland is a unique state that has everything; from hiking in the mountains, boating in the Chesapeake, to walking on the beach in Ocean City!

Tell us about your training at Aria? Lots of trauma! I had the opportunity to work at three different hospitals during my residency. Each hospital was unique, making me a more well-rounded doctor. During residency I saw such a variety of cases; gunshot wounds, crush injuries, severe foot and ankle fractures, and all type of skin conditions.

How would you describe the way you practice in one sentence? I treat my patients how I would treat my family.

What is one piece of advice that you would give all your patients? If you take care of your body, your body will take care of you!

As a runner, what are your favorite shoes to exercise and complete your races in? No matter the brand I always have my custom orthotics in my shoes. But Asics are my go-to shoes.

If you weren’t a podiatrist, what would your alternative dream job be? That’s a tough one… probably a professional photographer for National Geographic. This way I can continue to travel and explore different countries and share my experiences through photographs.

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