What it takes to become a podiatrist?

Many of you, readers might be inquiring about podiatry as a profession. There are many years of schooling and a multitude of exams that you must take in order to become a full fledged podiatrist.

First, you must complete the basic science requirement courses, at your undergraduate university. Then you must take your MCATs which is essentially a preliminary exam testing your abilities to study biological sciences. It fundamentally predicts if you can successfully complete a full course load of graduate medical education. After you take your MCAT and receive your high scores, then you can apply to podiatry school. There are only 9 in the country! The schools are located in Arizona, California (2 schools), Florida, Illinois, Iowa, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Once you are in school you take your board part I exam between your 2nd and 3rd years.

This first exam consists of the basic science courses taught, in 1st and 2nd years in podiatry school. Then in your 4th year you take 2 more board exams, all based on your clinical assessment skills and surgical knowledge. I know it does seem very overwhelming at this point, but times flies by when you stay busy!

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